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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stimulus package

How many Jobs has economic
stimulaus package created so far?

_5% a lot of jobs
29% some jobs
23% a few jobs
40% Hardly any jobs
july 13-14; 900 registered voters
MOE +/- 3%
Fox News/Opinion Dynamics
Along the freeways of the US you may have seen these signs:
"Putting America to work
Project funded by the American recovery & Reinvestment Act"

it costs $10,000 to make & install just ONE of the signs.
Paid for by the stimulus money ... to promote stimulus act

total cost? 20 million!!!
President Obama Job Performance
NOW __June 29-30 ___July 2009
43% _____47% ________54% ____Approve
48% __-__45% ______-_38% __-__Disapprove
July 13-14; 900 registerd voters
Fox news/opinion dynamics poll
MOE +/- 3%
How Well does the term "socialist" describe
President Obama?
55% Well
39% Not Well
Democracy Corps: june 19-22
867 likely 2010 voters
MOE +/- 3.1%
(this poll done by James Carvell's group)

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