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Monday, July 12, 2010

Things that make you go "HMMM"

Aw Man, I read this and I could swear it was something out of pre-war Germany ... it is so racist its unbelievable

Belly-buttons key to success in sport: study - Yahoo! News

I'm not going to copy any of the quotes from the article here -- it is so bad -- but it is less about "belly buttons" than it is about race ... it basically says that blacks are better at running, and whites better at swimming (they even mention why Asians don't seem to do so well) .. and it gives some bogus reason why based on where a person's belly button is.

It basically said that runners who are the same weight/height/sex in a sport would perform differently because of where their belly buttons ... and the position of the belly buttons is based on race.

ok ....

just like ears ... boobs ... elbows ... etc ... belly buttons vary on each person REGARDLESS of race.

I can not believe that ANY network or news agency gave this study any crediance or text space at all ...

much less some place like Duke University!! And then there is Howard University who had one of their professors in on the study ...

I don't care if the two main names on the study were black & white --

the study itself ...


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