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Thursday, July 01, 2010

With Greatest Sympathies

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My sympathizes to the Cunningham family ... Randall Cunningham played for the MN Vikings for several years (if I remember correctly he started here) ... the Cunningham family lost their little boy today, well yesterday really, he was only 2 yrs old. He drowned in their backyard hot tub.

Cunningham has been making a living as a Pastor in Vegas and was out of town at the time of the incident. But I've got to tell you .... something in the back of my mind says that while this was a horrid, terrible accident ... I've got a feeling that the kids were playing "baptism" and didn't mean to do it (or maybe just the little one was playing it) ....

Its just a kid thing to do ...

my mother played "communion" with fish food as a child ...
I used to play "rosary" as a kid ... (did not play with the rosary ... its hard to explain)
my brothers used to play their own versions....

its just a way for kids to try to figure out the mysteries behind everyday activities.

but baptism can get out of hand quickly ... I remember when I was five and going under the water ... I can remember getting a mouth full of water and panicking to the point to where if my brothers hadn't jumped in to get me out, even though it was only 3ft deep, I might have drowned in my own backyard pool.

I can so see this being a simular case ... most hot tubs are only a couple of feet deep, just more than a bathtub, but then the average 2 yr old is going to be around 3ft, maybe an inch or two more (at child at age 2 is about half the height they will be as an adult).

Either way -- my deepest sympathies to their family ... to the parents who lost their child ... to the kids who lost a little brother ...

so sad ..... so sad

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