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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Double Standards

have you seen the new cover of Newsweek????

The once neutral then semi-conservative now totally liberal periodical has gotten away with something that no other publication in the nation would have been able to get away with if it hadn't kissed butt so much with the Democratic party ...

BTW - the magazine just sold for $1 plus assumption of debt - oh yeah, they know what their doing - NOT

It is an all black cover with red & white lettering of varying fonts which says:

The Making of a
Wallstreet Loving

It says its to counter the 'lies' said about the administration ...

I don't know - I don't think you could really label Obama as 'wall street loving' ... in fact, I think he hates them and all bankers too ....

Nor can you really call him 'war mongering' ... in fact, he is a pacifist ... somewhere along the lines of Prime Minister Chamberlain if you ask me ... he's a wimp ... a wuss ... the only people he is willing to stand up to are the republicans. He's Pauly Shore in "Son in Law" ... he would curl up in a little whimpering ball on the floor if he ever had to face someone.
He is a 'good time' guy who would rather play that roll up his sleeves and get down to it.

you know people used to make fun of Bush because he had an early bedtime ... but they don't say hardly a word about Obama never seeming to be in the White house for more than 4 days at a time.

Well school is starting now -- the girls have got to stick around ... which means the Mrs isn't going to be far away. I guess that ought to put some salt on his tail for a while.

When Michelles away ... Shania Twain songs - okay one in particular - comes to mind ;-/

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