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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Health Care Reform bill

Remember that famous quote by Pelosi about how they won't know what's in the Health Bill until they passed the bill??? -- FYI, that is a sign of a really bad bill -- well we are beginning to see the results.

Now you may have read here before about McDonald's cutting their current health benefits for part-time employees ... they are still waiting to hear if they can get the waiver they are hoping for.

or perhaps you've heard of Walmart also looking at dropping their partial health coverage for employees because of what it will do to the company's pricing systems.

Well now add Boeing to the mix ... the aircraft & aerospace giant says that it will have to drop 2 of its HMO plans or force employees to pay a larger chunk of it.

I think we will be seeing a LOT more companies doing this before the Jan 1st deadline ...

so much for that promise from the President that you can keep the coverage you have now at no extra-cost.

ALTHOUGH in the President's Defense -- just like I would for any President ... He did not ARGUE the bill, do the political tricks to PASS the bill -- he only signed the bill.  This is as much on Congress' shoulders as the poor economy is on Congress' shoulders more than Bush's as well.

We need to remember that the president doesn't pass the bills, he just signs them ... its Congress that does the spending - and the president only 'signs the checks' as it may.

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