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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

The Governor race in CA is getting really mean now ....

During a debate between Meg Whitman (illegal maid scandal) & Jerry Brown (pothead & misogynist) the issue came up about a phone call in which the word C*** was used.

Tom Brokaw, the moderator for the final debate, mentioned that to many women (I dare say all) it is the equivalent to the N-word ... to which Brown said this:
" I don't agree with that comparison, number 1.  Number 2: this is a 5 week old private conversation picked up on a cellphone with a garbled transmission ... [fox news blur clip] ... its unfortunate, I'm sorry it happened and I apologize (garbled words)"
Whitman answered him with:
" So Jerry, its not just me - its the people of CA who deserve better than slurs and personal attacks. "

Here's the issue --
  • #1 ... it IS just as bad as the N-Word ... worse so on many levels because it is still 'acceptable' in many circles.
  • #2 ... it doesn't sound like Brown himself that said it - but it wouldn't surprise me if he was part of the conversation, remembering what he was like back in his Linda Ronstad days
  • #3 ... even if it wasn't he, himself, that said it .... as the head of the campaign - he needed to come out with a sincere heartfelt apology right-away ... not just because it was brought up during the debate
  • #4 -- and I saved this for last --- the 'apology' that he gave felt like the only reason he gave it was because he was getting BOOs from the audience!!
If Jerry Brown thinks that women are going to just turn their head away on this one because he's Pro-Choice - he better pay attention!  Women are getting sick of things in this nation -- from the low pay (on average, women earn $11,000 less/yr), to the lack of rights, to the institutionalized 'bullying' of women.

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The full question from Tom Brokaw has been shown on national tv
TB: We've heard no outrage from you about the use of that kind of language, which to many women is the same as calling an African-American the N-word - have you been in charge of the investigation of your campaign to find out who was responsible for using that phrase?
JB: I don't agree with that comparison, number 1.  Number 2: this is a 5 week old private conversation picked up on a cellphone with a garbled transmission very hard to detect who it is... [fox news blur clip] ... the campaign apologized promptly and I affirm that apology tonight.
MW: ... it's not just me, its the people of CA who deserve better than slurs and personal attacks that's not what CA is about - it is not our better selves.  And I think people know exact ... I think every CA'ian and especially women know exactly what's going on here - and that is a deeply offensive term to women.
JB: can I just interject?  Have you chastised your chairman, Pete Wilson, who called the congress 'whores to the public sector unions'?
MW: You better than that Jerry, that is a completely different thing - the fact that you are defending your campaign (audience jeers - but don't know if its for her answer, or his equation), the fact that you are defending your campaign for a slur and a personal attack on me I think its ...
JB: its not even close ...
MW: ... not befitting of CA, its not befitting of the office that you are running for.

I''m glad they put up the extended clip with only a single blur thru it.

I couldn't believe that he equated the C-word to the term 'whore' ... while both are offensive - 'whore' is not really a gender-specific term ... ask the senator from ND!  But the c-word ... it is definitely gender specific, it is definitely only used derogatorily,
Update #2:
There are now newer clips being shown where the actual word is given ... it is NOT the c-word as had been reported before ... it was in fact the word "whore" and directed personally towards Whitman.
Apparently the conversation was about stadegy and about protraying Whitman as a 'whore' for creating a loop hole in her pension plans plan in order to court the votes of the Public Workers' Union ...

interesting ... because the transcript above mentions that the term was already used by the chairman of Whitman's campaign in the bashing of Congress but on a general ground ...

this makes more sense ... then, yes, while the specific attack on Whitman is unfortunate -- I think it is being used on equal grounds at the general attack on Congress. 

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