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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things that make you go "HMMM"

Minn. Police Chief's Ammo Found in Kids' Fort KSTP TV - Minneapolis and St. Paul:
"Among the items were stun grenades, gas shotgun rounds, loaded magazines for both a handgun and an AR-15 rifle, a police radio and a pair of night vision
. [they were reported missing on Friday]
On Monday, Swenson called the sheriff's office back to report he had found the items. Unknown to him, one of his children had taken the items to a homemade fort in the backyard"
This is NOT funny ... but you have to wonder what Daddy was doing that one of his kids was able to remove grenades, gas canisters, a magazine for a rifle & one for a handgun from his police unit without him knowing about it ....
How old is this kid????
The night vision goggles -- ok -- I can actually see some kid taking those ... those are cool ... while big & lumpy, I can see some kid snagging that one.

I'm a tad worried about why those particular items were taken ... it sounds like someone had something else planned. Those are some pretty specific items for 'war games' .... I hope the kid was really planning anything -- but its hard to say without knowing how old the kid was.

under the age of 12 yrs yeah I could see it being "well I was just looking at em" .... age 15/16/17? You might want to get some professional help there. You know?

In either case:
A) Don't take your ammo filled police car home
B) Put the keys for said car where you lock up your service pistol at night
C) Leave the Ammo at work!

I'm actually surprised that they would allow him off police property with all that ammo when off duty .... geeez!

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