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Monday, October 04, 2010

UFOs at my house

Ah - now that the resort is 'closed' officially for the year ... although we are planning on going up at least once more to do some winterizing ... it is time to do some catching up on projects ....

So now all my UFO's will get their due ...

UFO = Un - Finished Objects (for the uninitiated)

I might even have some WIMs I can get done (Works In Mind) ... and widdle down my stash.

I finally got things straightened out with the yarn for my daughter's afghan ... unfortunately it wasn't done until after her birthday party but I will see if I can still work it so she can get it by Yule.  Perhaps, possilby, it will more than likely going to end up closer to Valentine's Day or next years birthday knowing the list I have to do ...
  1. Becca's Spider Socks which were supposed to be done by the end of May 2010
  2. Odd Socks, I need to work up about 3 inches of stitching on those so I can let the group know I'm ready to mail ... sigh ... these should be moved to #1
  3. sweater - I should finish my Mr. Greenjeans sweater that I started for my "Eastwick" knitting group on Ravelry ... it was supposed to be the one thing I was making for myself ... normally I give everything away
  4. mittens - I have two pairs of mittens on the cables that I started ... something like 3 yrs ago ... geez ... which keep getting pushed to the back of the pack
  5. Butterfly socks - a KAL that was started very early this year that uses beads.  But I was going to knit them up and then dye them, trying to gradiate the coloring so that they were green where the toe was, pink where the flowers were and blue near the butterflies and then deep purple at the top.  a tad ambitious.
  6. Wool-Ease scarves - these projects are the ones that are lasting the longest ... when I first started really getting into knitting I had the ambition of making scarves for my oldest daughter and her cousin ... it was a simple sampler scarf from the Lion Brand website ... it used Wool-Ease - not cheap ... so I bought the amount for three scarves in three colors ... I have finished part of one.  I couldn't get the pattern correct and was discouraged enough to just throw on the breaks and walk away ... but when I open my closet - the yarn is always staring at me asking me to use them for something. 
So as you can see -- I've got a lot on my plate ... and this isn't even including the stuff I have in mind for Yule gifts this year ... crap ... knitting takes so long .... my crochet hooks are coming out, I just know they are.

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