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Monday, November 15, 2010

Economic Education

As good a title as any, I suppose.

A PART-TIME worker in New Jersey, retired on her 25th anniversary of working for the state ... the very day that her benefits would kick in ... her LIFETIME benefits.

So - what does she get?
Full pension (based on three highest years of salary)
Full health benefits
$5,300/mo. (beginning Dec. 1st) until her death

She will be earning 5 times what she would have made had she stayed on the job working .... hello Bell, CA???

at her last postion (PT) she earn $12,000/yr for 15-18 meetings a year (State Finance board)
Actually it was just the way things worked out for her -- I wonder what would happen in NJ went bankcrupt like some cities have been doing across the nation? would she lose her benefits then?

In 2002 (Gov. McGreivie) appointed her to the Community Affairs Commition $139,000/yr
In 2005, she went campaigning for John Corsiegn
2007, she is appointed Deputy Commisioner to NY/NJ Port Authority $300,000/yr (and will have seperate pension for her)
and was also appointed to the state finance board so she would stay on the state pension plan as well.

She is not retired though -- she is working as CEO of a NY hospital association ... so she gets to draw that income as well.

Damn - why can people find all these big dollar jobs so easily and my daughter can't find a part-time burger job to pay for college??

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