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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let It Snow!

Hello everyone - my computer bit the dust just before Christmas so it's just the basics while it is being fixed as the iPad I've been lucky enough to borrow doesn't support the HTML side of blogging ... At least not the quick side of things. it's a good thing the children had exposed me to the "art" of testing, it had prepared me for the hunt-and-peck style of typing that is used on this type of keyboard.

So I've been watching the news and shaking my head at what is going on in New York state ... As many of you may know they had a huge blizzard out along the coast from New England all the way to the Carolina's ... Atlanta GA saw it's first White Christmas in something like 130 years!

In New York City buses, cars, trains, subways were all stuck in place - the roads and tracks can't be cleared because vehicles are in the way of clearing crews ... And there is a video on YouTube that shows a front loader trying to clear snow from along a curb and accidentally taking-out the cars he is trying to help.

I mean it's not like he did it on purpose, he really had little choice ... There just wasn't enough room there and it was probably the smallest mass-snow removal the city had.

This reminds me of the Chicago blizzard of 1969 ... I think that was when it was ... Where people were just so unforgiving --I even heard a quote from a NY man that sounded just like one from back then ...

Mayor Daly was accused of clearing the rich neighborhoods while the less-influent areas seemed to get cleared first ... But really it had more to do with Off Street parking ... Places where there weren't cars clogging the streets were easier to clear ...

So what was the quote?

you don't care about the other Burroughs - it's all about the money - you know in Manhattan, the most money, there you go - it's already clean.

I think it is just that people aren't understanding why it is taking so long to get it all done ... People have gotten so used to the lighter winters of the last many years that they don't know how to handle a normal winter ... Actually this storm is about 15 years later than it should have been - these big storms are about every 21 years or so ... And the last big one should have been in the 90's.

My father says that this winter is reminding him of 1934 ... Between the massive amount of snow and the economy. He has warned all us kids to hold on tight to our money because he can see black-times on the horizon no matter what you are hearing from. The government.

Starting with a huge jump in fueling prices - not just for your car but for your home heating/lighting as well.

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