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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Numerology Class

There is a new poll out that looked at all the possible candidates for the upcoming FL senate race in 2012: (hopefully my HTML coding will work - still trying to get used to doing it all manually)
  • Jeb Bush 72%

  • Bill McCollum 6%

  • George Lemieux 3%

  • Connie Mack, the 4th 3%

  • Vern Buchanan 3%

  • Jennifer Carroll 3%

  • Mike Haridopolis 1%

  • Adam Hasner 0%

  • Someone Else/Not Sure 10%

  • WOW - I know it's not what Dems want to see but that is clear cut a win for Jeb Bush ... But then everyone thought that he was going to run for President instead of GW ...

    I think some would have preferred it - actually it wouldn't have mattered ... Americans would have voted either one in just so they could say they were a part if history ... Case-in-point, OBAMA ... You've got to wonder if the same people would vote for him if the election was held today with what they know about his "effectivness" ... I really don't think he'd be in ...

    Actually I think it should be the primary because you know Hillary Clinton would have gotten the nomination if people had known how wishy-washy he was and what a glory-hound he was ... How self-centered self-important ... I mean a certain amount of that comes with the personality that seeks that office but he goes so beyond that ... He is even worse than President Johnson -and that's saying something!

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