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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Straight From the Horse's Mouth

He's ba-a-a-a-a-ck!!
We are starting this process just like we did in Iraq, we're starting it in July of 2011 and we are going to be totally out of there - come hell or high water - by 2014
Joe Biden, Vice-President
Meet The Press, 19DEC2010
about pulling troops from Afghanistan

This was such a bad blunder that Robert Gibbs (WH Press Secetary) was tripping all over his tongue trying to spin it ... trying to say that Biden meant from 'combat' (security issues) to 'instructional' ...

You have to remember though that Biden is also the one who stated during the campaign that:
  • $150,000 would be considered "upper income"
  • there was no such thing as clean-burning coal plants
  • there would be no new coal plants
  • tax were going to have to go up
  • oh - really there are too many to list, you'll have to check past posts
At least now we know why they call him "Hidin' Biden" or is that "Hide-'Im Biden"?
Of course - he must have forgotten that NATO just had a conference where it was decided by all concerned (including Afghanistan) that it would be in the countries best interest to KEEP troops there until it has a sense of 'autonomy' ... while this might mean military missions might begin withdrawl in 2011, the military precence will be there a lot longer than 2014 ...

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