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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Congradulations .... I think ... maybe

Well it sounds like everything is final ... and the baby is officially adopted ...

Zacahary was born via surrogate, so one of them would have to adopt the child - otherwise if something happened to the person listed as 'father' the other would have NO rights under the law, those rights would revert back to the birth mother ... either way, the poor thing has a hyphenated last name .... that causes all sorts of issues later in life.

And I have no problem with gay couples having children -- I see no reason they can't be perfectly fine parents.

My issue is their ages ... really.

Normally I would stand up for the equality of people of years - but in this case I have to think of this child.

Daddy Dave (Furnish) is 48yrs old right now ... when this child is graduating he will be 66yrs old - not bad but not exactly active.

Daddy Elton (John) will be 64 this March ... so when this child graduates in 18 yrs, he will be 82 yrs old!  And that is if he is lucky enough to still be alive then ... I mean lets face it - Elton John does not look like the most healthy guy.  He already has had bouts of addiction, some concerns about his weight issues & how he tried to maintain them, he has heart issues (including a pace-maker), and then there is the question of his sexual partners throughout his career ...

And since they, Furnish & John, don't know who the real father is (sounds like the used a mix of sperm) they will not know for sure the health concerns for this child.

I mean - Elton John has epilepsy, which can be inherited - will this be passed on or not? and what health issues will come from Furnish's side of the equation? very little seems to be known about him ... at least I can't find it...
and really its none of my business anyways ... this is something I'm hoping the birth mother thought of...

they are speculations of who the birth mother is, and who donated the egg - they don't have to be the same person anymore ... some think its someone famous ... I don't .. not really.

I think it is just some mutual friend of the couple, who was able to duck under radar with a pregnancy & sudden 'missing child' (although I guess John said he has to learn to use Skype to see his son everyday, so she may still have the baby) .... I doubt it is someone they met shortly before hand, I'm sure they would have wanted to make sure that it was a person who wouldn't "back out" of the deal and sue for child support, nor someone who's full medical background they didn't know about.

It will be interesting to see if this is going to be another "Paris Hilton", "Lynsey Lohan", "Miley Cyrus" situation l.... or if it is going to be more one of those quiet childhoods that you know are there, but you don't see on TMZ?

I wonder if we will be seeing a reality show about this kid's life later down the road ... or will it become a 'movie of the week' during 'mass murderer' week?

but then ...

I could say the same thing about just about any kid these days.

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