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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Economic Education

What happened to all that "Economic Recovery" they said we were having?
Weekly Job Claims
UP 445,000
Week Ending 8Jan2011

only 405,000 were expected.
it needs to get back down towards 350,000 in order for the country to be truly 'recovering' according to experts
Several States Are About to be Insolvent
There are several states who are seeking a change in the federal bankruptcy law to allow them to be able to declare it.
  • CA
  • NY
  • CT
  • IL
  • NJ
  • MI
These states, if allowed to declared bankruptcy, will be able to erase what it owes to businesses who have done work for them .... or even .... re-negotiate contracts with unions and their pensions plans ...

So do you really think that DC is going to allow this to happen?  they are, after all, tucked into the Unions' handkerchiefs, tied in a little knot, and stuffed into the bottom of their pockets.

There is no way that the President or the Dems in Congress are going to allow any such thing to happen ... they might write it such that the Unions can't be touched - just short changing the small companies that the state supports .... but they would never do anything to piss off their voting base.

Although there are plenty of Republicans who are hiding in those hankies too, I must say.

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