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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Numerology Class

Released just in time for the President's State of the Union speech ... unemployment numbers broken up by states ... here are the top three:
  • Nevada 14.5%
  • California 12.5%
  • Florida 12%
  • National 9.4%
So .... how's that "blue state" thing working out for you?
I will have to do a bit of research to see what it was like under Prez Bush ... but I'm guessing - not quite as bad.

To put this into perspective .... fill a room with 50 people (say, the parents of the children in any of your kids classrooms) .... at least 7 of them have recently lost their job.

take 100 people ... say the main staff in your local elementary school ... teachers only ... now tell 14 of them they are out of a job, and that one needs to go to part-time ...

how about your local police station? in a large city, a force of 100 on duty at a time isn't uncommon (not "NYC"-like big, but well known enough to make it on a general map of the state) ... 14 will need to find new work ...
Speaking of police officers ....

If you haven't heard it yet ... there are several (most) states which are operating in the red to the point to wear they want to go to Congress and ask for permission to declare bankruptcy .... which they do not have the power to do under the US Constitution ...

Cities however DO have the power to close up their doors, roll up the streets, and declare bankruptcy.

If a city does it all the contracts with the EMS unions goes out the windows ... all the people they owe money too (like people who put up fences around impound lots/jails/etc... people who keep the city vehicles going ... etc) they get screwed over.  Many would have to declare bankruptcy on their own without the steady business.

But if States do it -- the government workers unions would suddenly find they have no contract, things would have to be renegotiated ... and it would totally screw over those employees who have already retired because it would wipe out the sweet pension deals they have now.  It would effect state troopers, government workers, transit workers (in most cases), road crews - a big deal in high snow states ... etc.

I'm not sure how this would effect the "Reserves" ... because while they are under the control of state governors, I think they are still considered part of the federal gov/budget.  Usually military goes untouched though.

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