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Friday, February 18, 2011

Economic Education

First - Wisconsin democrats need to grow some balls! Running off to Illinios just because you didn't want to get voted down? What did that accomplish, really? Did it stop the vote - not in the long run ... You're like a kid who is afraid to tell their parents their grade on a test ... It's gonna happen sooner or later anyhow ... GROW UP!

So now the POLICE have to be sent out to find them?
What a waste of TAX PAYER MONEY!!!!!!!
Way to take your job seriously ... NOT
Now for those teachers ...

Look I don't envy their jobs ... They have to deal with everyones snotty kids all year long (not everyones kids are as sweet as mine & yours) ...

But to take a "Chalk Walk" .... Teacher version of 'Blue Flu' ... How is this 'caring' for these kids?

The Superintendants are getting upset, they want to dock pay. Don't dock pay...


Look, in any other non-unlined job if you don't show up for 3days ... Call in. Sick when your boss has video proof that you were somewhere else - your butt would be out that door so quick you wouldn't know what hit you!

fire them ...

In today's work arena, you'd be surprised at how many out of work teachers will flood in forthosejobs ... After all it's not like the kids are getting an education now!

My guess is - you have a bunch get canned and the courts stand up for the district (technically right now the districts are in violation of state law about length of school year) and you will see the majorities of the teachers getting their butts back to where they are paid to be.
then there are the parents ....

High schoolers and older middle school students can stay home alone ... But those kids who have two working parents, who worked it out so that one of them is home after school, or the parents of elementary students who cannot be left alone ---

This impacts them too ....

Suddenly they have to take time off from their jobs too ...

That is a smaller pay check forthem ...

And how long will it be before those parents get laid-off or fired for not showing up fir work? When they really have no choice?


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