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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Election 2012

Oh yes it has come around to this already ... although, I have to say it is starting later than the last presidential election - which started before Obama even took oath for the Senate seat!  This man had just won his election and they started talking about him running for president ... actually if you look you will find that they (the political machine in Chicago) were talking about him running before he ran for his first congressional election because they wanted someone who was easy to manipulate by the Party. (oh look, they were right)

Any how --

Was watching "Meet the Press" and they had up a list of percentages/candidates ... so I thought I'd share with you all ...
2012 Republican Primary Choice
Among Republicans
  • 18% Huckabee
  • 16% Romney
  • 16% Palin
  • 09% Gingrich
  • 05% Paul
  • 04% Bachmann
  • 03% Pawlenty
  • 03% Barbour
  • 03% Daniels
  • 02% Santorum

 I liked Pawlenty as governor ... but he is not presidential material - vp maybe, but not the big seat off the bat.  Its not that he isn't good, I just think that he is too young yet.  He needs a little more experience.
Bachmann ... she is best as a congresswoman, leave her there - she tends to speak her mind in such a way as to have to come back later to 'fix' it ... that could be disasterous as a president.

Paul - hello ... might as well put Periot in office ... he isn't that much different.

My dad likes Gingrich ... all I can think of when I think of him is the broken promises of the Contract With America ... he can't win.

Palin ... geesh, do you want to give the election to Obama??? 

Lets face facts - if you took away the votes for 'historical' purposes (those who voted for Obama just because they wanted to be a part of history) then McCain would have had an easier time running had he simply chose someone else ... like Libby Dole ...

Libby Dole is not on this list ... but she would be my choice for the Republican female candidate. (ok, I've had to rewrite this several times because it started coming off as campaigning for her) ... too bad too ... I would love to see Libby & Hillary debate each other.

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