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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Over Compensation

By the sounds of it, the biggest  crime in Seattle these days is being of the wrong race ... that is Caucasian.  Yes I'm serious ... I can not believe what I am hearing on the news ...

In Seattle they are going to reduce the number of DWSLs (Driving With a Suspended License) by 90% because the city's prosecuting attorney feels its racist because 44% of those ticketed are African-American.


Seattle has about 20% of foreigners (or rather people born in foreign countries, not America) ... or about 150,000 ...

They make the city schools teach in 80 different languages

BUT ... if you are white, you can still be prosecuted - although the city attorney claims that he will not look at the persons race ... you know that isn't how its going to work.

BUT lets get this straight ... a person does something bad enough to get their license pulled (be it not paying tickets, not paying child support, poor driving habits, whatever) yet they will still be able to ride around anyways?

where is the fairness in that?

Sometimes people lose their license for driving without insurance ... okay so now this person is driving without a license or insurance and they get in a major accident with a family in Seattle on vacation ...

here's my feeling .... if you're not going to enforce the DWSL .... why even have it on the books?? Why even have people get a driver's license within the state then?  why not just let anybody drive? 

And just to prove what an IDIOT this prosecutor is ... here is some other stuff he has implemented:
  • non-citizens get lesser sentences so they do not get deported (gross misdemeanors)
  • 364day sentences (with time served) because a year or more will put them in the ICE spotlight
  • these sentences are then suspended
If I were a resident of Seattle I would be asking for this guys job!

He also commented on Seattle's mayors statement that to have certain city jobs that require an applicant to have a college degree is 'institutionalized racism' ...


How long until they start putting up signs that say ... No Whites Need Apply ... ???

Don't think it can't happen ... it wasn't that long ago that the Irish were the ones being kept out of places.

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