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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Presidential Birth Certificate RESPONSE

The President has come out to make his statement pertaining to his B/C ... he calls it providing 'extra information' instead of saying they released his birth certificate ...

in fact he was very careful to shy away from the words ... the phrase ... he even measured his words to be sure he didn't actually call what he released was his actual "birth certificate" ...

Personally I would think the WH would love the distraction of Trump's accusations because people, rather the media, didn't seem to be paying much attention to his action/reaction to the economy ... or rather lack there of ...

unless they are counting on this to stir the pot up some more!  oh that could be ...

its just a really strange time to do this ... right now the media is so focused on the Royal Wedding that he could have had another whole week of media peace - had he waited until Monday, he might get a bigger media spot ...

unless that is what they were worried about ... too much scrutiny ...

interesting that this only came out after Trump announced that he had private investigators looking into things ... hmmm, wonder what they found that they are trying to get the public to dismiss out of hand.

you've got to wonder about this whole thing ...

I mean - look at how many posts I, myself, have on this topic .... its a pretty good distraction move.

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