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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Candy From Strangers

It sounds so cliche ... you think of the song "Friendly Stranger in the Black Sedan" ... its an image meant to scare kids to beware of strangers ...

but now in Brooklyn Ctr, MN they have it really happening ...

they have had two incidents in the same neighborhood ...

each incident had different descriptions of the suspects ... one being an elderly man, the other a couple in their 20s ...

when the kids wouldn't come near the van, the 20 yr olds threw the candy at them ... the kids ran and left the candy (smart kids!)

They have triggered the "YELL, RUN, and TELL" program which by the sounds of it was developed by Adam Walsh's dad (can't think of his name but he is the face of "Most Wanted") and the gal that invented the "Baby Einstein" series.

but the one thing I do not hear them telling the kids is to do what ever they can to get away - that its ok to hurt the person ... so often we teach the kids not to hit, not to bite, not to yell that they carry it over to situations where it would be best used.

I do not hear them telling kdis that they only have 2 miles to get away ... after that and the chances of being recovered drop.  but then you might want to save that info for the older ones who would understand that it doesn't mean they should just give up.

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