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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Numerology class

Oh look - more stats that Ginger has seen on tv ...

This time looking at Social Security
this year alone
$45 billion
More going out than coming in
Currently there is
$2.5 trillion
In the Social security trust fund
By 2037 (if population trends stay the same) the fund will be depleted
Fewer people working means less funds going into the trust fund as well

Number of people receiving SS benefits
Up approx. 24,000%
in past 70 years
SS outlays
Up 3.4%
Fiscal 2010
SS costs
Of mandated federal spending
SS outlays
There is also a call to stop SS payments to the wealthiest Americans ... But the wY it stands now, if you make over something like $30,000 you can't collect ... If I remember it from when my dad first looked at collecting it.

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