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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Open micmoment?

Ok - I know the media is all abuzz with the thought that Obama was caught unaware of what he was saying ... Ala Biden saying "this is a big f^#%ing deal" ... Or Clinton bawling out an aide for doing something at some campaign rally ... Or Bush speaking to an aide/advisor at the UN ... Or even Reagan goofing around before a broadcast (those were the examples I saw them comparing it too) ... That is just BULL.

This is a case of the media trying to paint this man as a saint again ...

Why do I say this?

1)you can hear him stop to pause and think of what is the best way to say something

2)you can hear an AUDIENCE laughing in the background, not a small group of close insiders

3)it was a scheduled event

He either (A) knew he was mic'ed
Or (B) was giving a rehearsed planned speech

But this was NOT --NOT -- an unscripted, unguarded moment

It is media hype.

So people should look at it as just another political stump speech ... That AS A POLITICAN he will say whatever he needs to to get his @SS back in the oval office

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