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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top ten ....

Dangerous Childrens Games

10. Dodgeball
9. Flag Football
8. Ga Ga (never heard of it)
7. Kickball
6. Nuke'em (never heard of it, but it supposed to be a form of volleyball)
5. Red Rover
4. Steal the Bacon (another one I dont know)
3. Tag - all varieties
2. Tetherball
1. Wiffleball


In New York if a summer camp wants play any of these games they have to pay $200 for a permit and have medical help on hand should anybody get hurt.

Ok I have a kid that has a medical reason not to play any of these games ... But that's JUST HIM ... I would never think of saying other kids couldn't play them.

Now remember that these are also the same people who are
§ complaining about childhood obesity
§ keep saying kids need more exercise
§ try to get more money for PhyEd classes in the public schools

Oxy - Morons!

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