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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where Have You Been????

Aw - I'm back on the laptop ... so now I can use the automatic html features of blogger ... it feels so nice.

I had let my children use my "new" laptop - actually its a recycled one hubby had - to do their school work on ....

with the provision that they NOT GO TO UNAUTHORIZED WEBSITES

worked great until I decided to set my 14 yr old up with his own email ... his teachers were concerned that since he was sending homework into them from MY acct, it meant that he wasn't the one really doing it ...

I don't understand it either, but what can you do ...

well, he must have taken it to mean that 'gee, Mom is loosening the reins and I can go where I want" ... and he popped onto some game site and ...


... one of those stupid viruses that comes up looking like its running a scan on your computer!

I hate those things -- they are nearly impossible to get rid of without blowing away your computer ...

well MY computers always have knitting and crochet patterns on them -- as well as all the photos/videos from the cameras ... and all the kids homework scans so teachers can't say they didn't get it via email or that they "lost" it ... and the kids can't say they "lost" their work, because I can just print up a new copy .... yes I am that evil ... but mostly its for the teacher issues.

so it took hubby quite a while to get the time to work on it - but it looks like he finally got rid of the issue with some great malware program he can d/l free from the web ...

now - lets hope it doesn't happen again.

I'm still a little scared to backup my files on my ext hd just incase I've got a sleeper attached to them.

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