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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Because they can't leave well enough alone

To fall in with the present administrations general standard of "fix what isn't broken until it breaks" the FDA or Health Department ... Or whoever is in charge of this thing has changed the FOOD PYRAMID ....


They just did this within the last 6 yrs - I know this because I remember going online with my kindergartener to see what they said she had to do for a good diet ... Btw, it was anything but healthy ... And according to their charts my 11yr old who is in a size 1 is technically "obese" .... But then so is my football player son who is nothing but muscles.

So they have simplified things ... NOT

The "pyramid" is now a plate ...

1/2 is veggies/fruit
1/4 is meat/protein
1/4 is grains (breads/multi grains)

That's 100% ....


They are only recommending ONE serving of dairy a day, and even that is supposed to be low or no-fat.

They are going after bleached flour & white rice because of the paranoia over diabetes. Diabetes is the new "disease of the month" I guess ... M not saying it's not an issue but since when is it the go rN nets job to tell us what we should and shouldn't eat?

Let's understand that this is just another way for the skinny people to attack those who don't fit their thin-little-world ... Let's remember that in a cataclysmic world, the skinny people get eaten first.

Oh the cost of this restructure? A rather modest $2 Million .... But haven't heard if that is just for the new design or all the research that went behind it.

Six "healthy" tips ... They say
1. Enjoy food but less of it
2. Avoid over-sized portions
3. 1/2 plate should be fruit/veggies (fries count, right?)
4. Fat-free or low-fat dairy products
5. Lower sodium foods (of course they never say that without sodium your body will shut down)
6. Drink water, not sugary drinks (is there no other alternative for people with touchy stomachs?)

Oh please ... This is just the governments way of attacking the fast food industry without actually coming out with it.

Look my Big Mac has a salad on it (granted it could use less dressing on it) and my fries should count as a veggie too -hey it's a potato or twos worth of veggie! And it's a diet coke which is practically water ... At least it's not sugary.

Actually we haven't been getting fast food as much anymore with the gas prices the way they are ... In fact we've taken to eating homemade food before leaving for the in-laws on the weekends ... Less to do with health than it does economy ...

But then that's even becoming a question with the costs of food these days.

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