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Friday, September 30, 2011

Totally Inappropriate!!!!

PeTA has really gone too far ...

I want to know if they are getting federal funding now ...

Have you seen their new ad?

It shows a persons leg hanging from the mouth of a shark with the words "payback is hell" next to he image, the words colored to look like blood floating on the water.


Fox news had the President & founder of peTA, Ingrid Newkirk, on this morning who said:
he looks fine (commenting on man attacked by shark and received 800 stitches in his leg, who's family is offended by the ad) he's all stitched up, but I think it's a chance to give people a little food for thought. If you go in the water armed with a weapon that's going to shoot a spear through an animals middle it's not going to be very comfortable for them. He went out to kill animals- just because they're fish doesn't mean they don't feel pain - so our point is whether your eating fish standing at the seafood buffet, or you're setting out to hook them or spear them, maybe it's time to have a second thought and don't be surprised when some fish gets you back."

I kid you NOT ... I honestly think she is of the opinion that if you go swimming in the water and you're unarmed the sharks will pass you by!

But she continued on .. When told she comes across as insensitive to this family and putting up this sign in the same area as the shark attack would be hurtful to the family ...
... this isn't deeply-hurtful, I think the press is hosting the family on "aren't you offended, aren't you offended". He himself has said that he doesn't blame the shark. He's sensible about that, and we hope that he doesn't go back killing fish, spear fishing for fun again. So what we are saying is "let's look out for all life". we've send him our sympathies, we haven't been mean to him, we wouldn't be, but we've also said there are other living individuals who are in jeopardy here and maybe it's not such a nice thing to do is to spend your afternoon out hunting them/killing them ...

Yes - she is totally oblivious to the reality of he situation

She got even better:
... Fish, because we grow up not thinking of them as we do he same way as dogs, or children, or any other animal ...


So the time between the shark attack and this ad? ONE WEEK

this woman and her worshippers followers are totally delusional!

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