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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Numerology Class

Time for poll numbers for the GOP candidates ...

2012 Republican Race By State

17% Cain
17% Romney
13% Gingrich
13% Santorom
_5% Paul
_5% Perry
Quinnipiac University
31OCT - 7NOV 2011
579 voters, MOE +/- 4.1%

27% Cain
21% Romney
17% Gingrich
_5% Perry
Quinnipiac University
31OCT - 7NOV 2011
513 voters, MOR +/- 4.3%

25% Cain
20% Romney
_9% Paul
_4% Perry
_4% Bachman
Quinnipiac University
31OCT - 7NOV 2011
443 voters, MOE +/- 4.7%

Wow - Bachman has shown up in just one polling, remember when she was the Tea Party sweetheart? She scared me - great congresswoman, scary president.

If my father had realized that Gingrich was going to run for president then maybe he would have survived a little longer to cast his vote ... Then again, maybe not.

According to these polls there are really only three choices:

Cain - NO political experience... Accused of harassment, although there's some questions as to whether what he is accused of really reaches to those levels and the one who came out in the media is suspect (who can remember the exact conversation from 15 years ago?) ... He has a pretty impressive business background ...

Romney - former Governor of Massachusetts (single term) ... implemented his own version of "Romney Care" on the state level in MA (I believe it proved to be a failure though) ... father of 5, his father was Governor of Michigan so he comes from a political background ... He also has a strong business background (financial field) ... Has a business and law degree ... He staved off a budget crisis in MA by raising taxes and cutting funding for higher education (state universities & colleges raised tuition 63% during his 4 year term) and raising property taxes to over 50% of a properties worth (a $100,000 home had to pay $50,000 just in taxes)

Gingrich - a very strong political background ... Served in the US House for 20 years ... He's been married 3 times - not that this is an issue but perhaps the circumstances surrounding them are, his first wife was his h.s. Geometry teacher and they we'd shortly after graduation (19yrs & 26yrs old), he left her for another woman while she was in the hospital to have a tumor removed - he left his second wife for a House staffer while holding trial over Clinton for the Lewinsky matter (although it needs to be stated that he was not in trouble solely for his affair with an underling but mostly for LYING to the Grand Jury) ... But many would see it as ironic for a man who is supposed to support the Moral Majority ...

There isn't really a great candidate - but of these three choices ... if I only had these three to choose from (and I don't like any of them completely) ... Based solely on who I think would be the best PRESIDENTIAL candidate ... I'd have to say Gingrich would be best.

That is so hard to say ... But he has the most experience of all of them even with the flip-flopping of issues.

I have to scrub my fingers now ... Ewwwwww

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