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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Election 2012 - GOP New Hampshire

WTF? New Hampshire mist be getting the same water supply as Iowa ...

35% Romney
21% Paul
16% Gingrich

500 likely GOP primary voters
MOE +/-4%
(American Research Group)


While I'm not saying Paul isn't a good guy ... but he is the republicans version of Joe Biden ... Half of what comes out of his mouth makes you go "what?"

Actually I'm thinking that Ron Paul is the "Jesse Ventura" of the national election ...

Jesse got in because there were people who didn't want to commit to either party so they voted for him thinking he would never win ... He was the None Of The Above candidate ...

Ron Paul could easily be replaced with "None Of The Above" as well ...
This is scary as heck ...

The best thing I can say about Paul is that he is a dr by profession so when it comes to health care issues he does have an extensive background at his disposal.

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