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Friday, December 30, 2011

Election 2012 - GOP poll

Here is how the national polls of candidates are looking right now:

33.9% Romney
30.9% Gingrich
13.3% Paul
_8.2% Perry
_7.1% Bachmann
_4.2% Santorum
_2.3% Huntsman

it sounds like part of Santorum's problem is that he only has offices in Iowa - so without having more out there for the public to see people have to wonder whether he was really sincere with his run or if he just wanted to be an "also ran"

Another note is that Perry is running at 2% in new Hampshire ... Only problem is - Cain & Pawlenty are both getting 2% in NH and they aren't even running anymore ... So one has to ask - why are they still being included in the polling then? Hmmmmmmm

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