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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Election 2012 - GOP polls

The latest Rasmussen poll for IOWA is out ... Here's the way they say the primary is looking:

25% Romney
20% Paul
17% Gingrich
10% Perry
10% Santorum
_6% Bachmann
_4% Huntsman
750 likely GOP Caucus participants
MOE +/- 4%

Compare this with these polls:

Strongest Opponent Against Obama
35% Romney
25% Gingrich
15% Paul
_6% Perry
_4% huntsman
_4% Bachmann
_4% Santorum
(same polling data as above)
Weakest Opponent Against Obama
26% Paul
21% Bachmann
16% Gingrich
16% huntsman
_7% Perry
_4% Santorum
_3% Romney
(same polling data as above)
So just to make sure - Rasmussen asked about the likelihood that these people wouldn't change their minds later on ... gee, they actually suspect that people are lying saying they are republican for the caucus and then will vote dem come election time - imagine that

Certain You Will vote For Your Candidate or Could Something Change Your Mind?
47% Certain
45% might Change Mind
(same polling data above)

Let's get this straight most of that 45% are going to be people who either really don't care OR are really democrats who are crossing party lines so they can try to get people to vote for a lesser candidate ...

You know this happens ...

How do you think we got McCain instead of Fred last time?

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