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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Numerology class

Some interesting polls in 2011 by Costco:

Should Internet openness be assured by regulation?
39% yes
61% NO

Does Wikileaks serve the best interest of the United States?
45% yes
55% NO

Is offshore oil drilling in the best interest of the United States?
56% YES
44% no

Is College worth it?
66% YES
34% no

Should literary classics be sanitized?
_3% yes
97% NO

Should you seek medical advice online?
87% YES
13% no

Are biofuels actually a good idea?
57% YES
43% no

Should teacher layoffs be based on seniority?
31% yes
69% NO

Ten years after 9/11, is America safer?
26% yes
74% NO

Should paid sick leave be mandatory?
43% yes
57% NO

Should the mortgage interest deduction be phased out?
18% yes
82% NO

Is it OK to thank people by email?
52% YES
48% no
I found of he number surprising and some not - mostly because I would expect Costco members to be more on the conservative side of the line ...

When I think of Costco I think of business owners/managers and preppers - no most aren't crazies, they just think differently then others ... They will leave their children a legacy of food and precious metals.

Things like looking up medical advice online shocked me - after all you don't really know the credentials of the person your getting it from... Just because they have an MD doesn't mean they weren't the last in their class (every class has them too)...

The biofuel question ... I guess I would have thought they would have been more big oil instead of putting their vote behind an industry where we really don't know the effects yet ... I mean we all know they say it's environmentally friendly and it would be cheaper but do we really know this? I mean look at the issues they are finding with the CFL bulbs, it wasn't until after they passed the regulations phasing out the regular incandescent that they found the mercury which makes the CFL work was dangerous to the environment!

Other things like the sanitizing of books or the mortgage interest deduction didn't surprise me at all ... As I would expect that most members would own a home and/or stand by the US Constitution ...

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