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Friday, February 24, 2012

Economic Education

If the economy is getting better - then why is Sears closing 1500 stores and reporting a loss of $1 BILLION?

Holy crap --

Everyone knows that when it comes to major appliances you go to Sears and get it installed, the old one hauled away, and you buy that extended warranty!

I have the same washer/dryer we purchased shortly after we got married (knock on wood) because I can have them come out once a year and give my equipment a check-up and catch problems early ...

The hard part these days is the fax that - well, let's face it - it's hard to find parts for a 20+ year old machine!

Now hubby cheaper out on me and bought our dishwasher - major name brand (the lonely repair man brand) from our local big box hardware store because he figured he could put it in himself ... And he could ... And it would be cheaper to buy a new machine if anything happened to it than to pay for the extended contract thru Sears ... Boy, we started having issues the day it came out of the box ... Then we had to have a repair man come out and fix it anyhow -- well there was $75 just to have him come out and then labor on top of it (the part was still covered under warranty thank goodness otherwise that would have doubled the bill for something the company knew was a fault but wasn't taking care of until someone had the issue - they had cheaper out with plastic/nylon on a part that should have been done in martial from the beginning according to the repair guy)

So even with Sears AWESOME service -- they can't keep going?

I wonder how many people will be out of work now but won't effect the unemployment numbers because they were just part-timers?

this is SOOOOOO sad

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