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Thursday, February 23, 2012

NatGeo Preppers facts

Episode 4

(as an aside - I think it's interesting that the truck driver in this episode is a retired police officer, yet he says he hates the police - what's up with that?)

Most grocery stores would be empty in 3 days if there was a stoppage of trucks

In a recent survey, 45% of Americans say they collect and store canned food in preparation for a potential catastrophe

Diesel engines average 30% better gas mileage than their gasoline counter parts, and are made to withstand more punishment and last longer

A semi weighs around 105,000 lbs

The defense industry is developing "active camouflage" that detects and projects a vehicles surroundings onto its exterior, rendering it invisible

In 1920's Germany, hyperinflation devalued the currency so much that a wheelbarrow filled with cash wasn't enough to purchase a newspaper

There are 2 million truckers ... There are 2 million prisoners in the US ... Hmm

At 65 mph a semi is bigger and faster than a military tank, but it's weakness is in turns when it must slow down and has a very wide turn radius - 2 cars parked could stop it

In 2009, 859 truckloads were high jacked on American roads - worth almost $500million

(another side note here - they've done studies that have shown you have a better immune system if you do NOT have an immaculate home. Your immune system will already be active and ready. They also found kids who were allowed to eat dirt tend to have less illness growing up because their bodies fought off those germs at an early age and already had an immunity to it - as opposed to kids who were constantly washing their hands nd keeping clean)

Over half a billion passengers flew on US carriers in 2011 well I'm sure that it was only around half this number since one could assume that most of those people were making round-trips and would have been counted twice, if not more for frequent fliers

It would take less than 24 hours for a single infected passenger on a commercial airline to spread the disease to every populated continent of the world (this lets out Antarctica, since there is no native population there)

40% of Americans say they are not prepared for a catastrophe because they can't afford to stock up on certain supplies

The CDC estimates that a pandemic flu outbreak could last up to 8 weeks, infect over 100 million people, and cause death in 1 million of them

When fitted properly N95 masks can filter out 95% of small particles in the air, and are 75% effective against flu germs

80% of infectious diseases, including the common cold, are spread by physical contact

Flu germs can survive for as long as 48 hours or more on some surfaces

According to a recent study, 29% of Americans say they think a pandemic might happen in the US over the next 25 years

For much of geologic history FL was actually under water my brother used to install fences in FL - he says that houses do not have basements there nor do they dig down to set their posts for fences in cement because most of the state is either at sea level or below ... This also explains why hurricane do such big time damage to it

Rice has a shelf life of 2 years when stored properly in air tight containers, in a cool dry place

According to industry sources, 200,000 US homes use some form of solar technology

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