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Monday, February 27, 2012

Numerology class

So what do these polls mean for the election?
Most Appropriate Tax Rate
For Families Earning $250 ,000/year
or more
75% a rate of 30% or below
19% a rate of 30% or above
(The Hill
23FEB2012; 1000 likely voters)

Most Appropriate Top Rate
For Families Earning $250K/year
Or More
21% "less than 20%"
17% "20%"
23% "25%"
14% "30%"
(same poll as above)
here's what I think is going on - people realize that it costs more to live these days, and that the politicians keep moving that line downward and it won't be long before he higher tax rate will include them too.

Else it's the "family tax rate" - there is nothing quite like going for a loan and finding that ALL income in a household has to be counted even if it's your teenaged kids earning money to pay for college or trade school ... so the term "family income" makes it sound as if the government is going to start charging tax on the entire household income (parents/children/grandparents/etc) and that would be very scary - but that would be a logical step if the government finds that they can't get the influx of money they need just going after individuals/couples

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