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Friday, February 24, 2012

The View: "End of Illness"

Today on The View they had a doctor (Dr david Agus) who - quite frankly - was a nutcase and I don't know why he was on

Here's why I think he's a nutcase ... Well ok, just plain mistaken

• he wants EVERYONE on staten drugs - these are meant to lower cholesterol

• he sights a study where they said that people on statins can delay heart attack and stroke by almost a decade -- no how the heck would he know EHEN a person would have had that HA or stroke to begin with? Maybe they would never have had one of they HADN'T been on the staten at all ... I hate statements like this

• he wants people to eat the SAME TIME EVERY DAY and if you don't he says your body will stress out ... He used the example of if our kids lunches are 1/2 hr late they cry - well no they don't! What kind of brats did he have? Even as babies they don't eat at the same time everyday - it varies ... Most doctors will tell you - eat when your hungry, drink when your not

• he says high heels are going to shorten your life because they cause your feet to hurt

• He also says that people need to go to bed and get up the same time EVERYDAY as well - and that you should sleep for 10 1/2 hrs

he says that ANY inflammation - he is using it instead of the word "stress" - even catching the flu will take years off your life ...


He is against taking vitamins of any kind - he spouted a bunch of stats about people who took certain vitamins caused certain diseases being increased ...

Here's how the study was done - "do you take a multi vitamin? Does it contain this mineral?" okay that is this much of the population, and this many on the population gets this cancer - therefore there is a correlation.

If you think they kept an eye on people for 20 years and was able to control all the outside influences on heir lives - I've got a bridge I can sell you!

By that same token - even of this guy is right ...


I mean who wants to see all their family and friends die before them? I feel outbid place when I get around a group of my kids friends I couldn't imagine being around a group of my great-grand kids friends

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