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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Economic education

Yup - its gas price time ... This info is just a couple days old
gas prices have risen for 27 straight days

$3.48 = 7FEB2012
$3.77 = 6MAR2012

Gas prices have increased 36 out of the last 39 days

18 states and DC have an average gas price ABOVE the national average

Average price of Regular-Unleaded gas up 104% since in inauguration day 2009

$3.77 = Regular Unleaded
$3.92 = Unleaded Plus
$4.05 = Premium Unleaded

States already paying over $4/gallon:

2011: average family spent $4,155 on gas, nearly 7% of the median family income (that's sounds awfully low to me - I'm guessing their "average" family uses mass transit)

Interesting thing - the majority of our gas does not come from the middle east - in fact 25% of it comes from Canada! Other countries include those in South America

April 21, 2011:
" ... The attorney general is putting together a team, who's job it is to root out any cases of fraus or manipulation in the oil markets that might effect gas prices - and that includes the roles of traders and speculators - we're gonna make sure nobodies taking advantage of American consumers ... "

The task force HAS met 4 or 5 times since then (and drawing pay for those meetings) ... So what the heck?

Yeah I'm sure part of it is politics getting in the way -- but that can't be all of it ...

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