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Sunday, March 18, 2012

NatGeo Prepper Facts

episode 7
Agronomists say the current food supply would have to double in order to meet the demands of a world population expected to reach 10 billion by the year 2100

In 9 months one female rabbit can produce up to 800 babies/grandbabies/great-grandbabies

A recent study shows that 45% of americans collect, store, or can food in preparation for a catastrophe

In 2001, the US Marine Corps revealed a new camouflage pattern MARPAT. It's designed to create "visual white noise" to conceal the wearer

Camouflage works by tricking the eye to associate the colors and patterns with different object

Sleep scientists have discovered that around 80% of dreams focus on negative events

During WW1 approximately 6 million pounds of charcoal was used in the production of gas masks

The Mount St Helens ash plume reached 16 miles high and moved at the speed of 60 mph, and it spread across the US in 3 days

Recent study show that 26%of Americans purchased a firearm to better prepare for a potential catastrophe

Gun experts suggest practicing at a range at least twice a week to become proficient with your weapon

According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the world is closer to seeing a Global Nuclear War today than in 1960
{ginger says: NO DUH! there are more countries with nuclear capabilities}

Deployed in 1959, the Atlas was the first US ICB (intercontinental ballistic missle)

A recent study shows that 51% of Americans think that the United States might experience a financial collapse in the next 25 years

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