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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Gov Official: Resign or Be Terminated

Martha Johnson, The head of the General Services Administration (did you just go "what department?" like I did? I had no idea)
Had to resign under charges of mishandling taxpayer money:

Las Vegas Training Conference
$835,000 = conference for 300 people
$3,200 = Mind Reader
$6,300 = Commemorative Coin Set
$75,000 = Training Exercise (building a bicycle)
• $130,000 spent to scout locations for this conference (6 trips!)
There was also a clown ... Duh

Ms Johnson's work experience?
• She worked as a recruiter for Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream
• worked for Clinton/Gore in 1992
• worked IN the White House under President Clinton
• a general "worked in government until 2001"
• in 2008 she was part of the Obama transition team
• 2010 confirmed to run General Service Administration

• Yearly Budget =$20 BILLION
• 12,000 employees
• 11 regional offices
• DC headquarters

(although it needs to be noted that this particular Department also had troubles under the Bush administration)

Robert Peck - held a party in his suite at the convention, spending $2,000 and charging the gov for it ... Including an Artisanal Cheese Display (about $19/person)
Steven Leeds (her top advisor)

Quotes from Johnson after her confirmation:
"ethics are a big issue for me"
"taxpayers are trusting me with their pocketbooks"
"it's right to be a responsible steward of taxpayers dollars"

It sounds like she just rubber stamped stuff without keeping an eye on things

Part of the beauty of America is that those from the humblest beginnings can rise to be president ... Or someone in the administration

But still ...

How's that CHANGE working for you?

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