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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Lotto Winner (?) Such A Loser!

Did you hear the story of the woman who claims she has the winning lottery ticket?

Let's see if we can figure this mess out - or at least take a look at how convoluted this mess is:

There was lottery pool at her work (McDonalds)

SHE was in charge of getting the tickets with the pool money

Somehow she neglected to get a copy of (or at least a listing of) the tickets numbers to her coworkers

She claims that the winning ticket is hers and hers alone ... That she bought it separately

She claims that she has the ticket in a safe location and won't produce it until she takes it into the lottery office (original story said she'd do it 2Apr but apparently she didn't do it)

Reason she says she won is because "the numbers sounded familiar" but she hadn't actually looked at the ticket yet

Lottery officials reportedly looked at the security tapes of the store where the ticket was purchased and figured it was a man that bought the ticket, not a woman


She is claiming a fellow COWORKER bought her the ticket with a dollar she gave him

Reports are saying she needs to FIND the ticket ...


Let's us get this straight ...

Since reports are saying a man bought it, suddenly your story changes?

And since you didn't go into claim the money you now say you mislaid a ticket?

I don't know about you - but until the numbers get double checked we know EXACTLY where our tickets are!

I am not going to say this gal is lying - I don't know her ...

But I wish I had a bit of what she's trying to "sell" to spread on the garden!

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