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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Money Matters

The Democrat ran budget committee of the House has announced that they will not even consider passing any sort of a National/Federal Budget until AFTER the up coming Presidential/Congressional election

This is the THIRD year in a row that the federal government will be running without some sort of budget to guide it

It's kind of like writing checks on your bank account without ever balancing your account until you suddenly get the over-draft notice from the bank ...

As more people begin to rely again on their credit cards and their banks' overdraft protection programs to help them stretch their funds -- I think people will begin to get the idea

When more people do this behavior, the more there are personal bankruptcies & foreclosures ... Don't get me wrong - EVERYONE is just one paycheck away from being in this position these days ...

And - well - the Federal government is the same way ... If we can't find anyone to buy our debt this go round

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