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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Economic Education

In WI they are having a recall for the governor who dared to stand up to "collective bargaining" ... Which is just a "feel good" term for Union negotiations

You might remember this story, the Democrats in the state legislature took off for parts unknown instead of letting it go to a vote and then have the courts straighten it out ... Instead they fled like children trying to avoid their Saturday bath to Illinois!

Well there is a video out there (I will try to hunt up the URL or embed it here) which points out how much it costs the state to have the unions

Now remember that POLICE/FIRE/EMS were EXEMPT from the governor's measure ... Well really I suppose you can't say it's his since only members of a legislature body can submit a bill for consideration - but he was openly supporting it

Let's take teachers alone ... Since their union was the one who made the biggest noise ...

COMBINING pay & benefits, the SCHOOL DISTRICTS pay around $56/hour (this is an average, some pay more some pay less)

Average "compensation" per worker in the private sector in WI (hmmm I sense a problem here) is $37,000 year which comes to about $18/hour


Shouldn't they be comparing teachers to teachers and not teachers to the entire public sector? Or do they have to be union members too?

And do the "compensation" numbers include salary & benefits for the PS numbers?

The terms they use make it sound like they are comparing apples and oranges ...

I've got to find that video to know for sure ...

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