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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

File This Under

Octomom Gets Another 15 Minutes ...

So Nadia what's her big lips - who as reported earlier is getting welfare from CA - Has not only filed for bankruptcy but has also signed up to make an instructional video ...

On masterbation

But don't worry - she says it's not porn because there isn't anyone else doing things with her in the video ...


The quote from earlier in the month from this woman takes on a new meaning:
" ... Will not do a full on porn even if the offer was $100 million ... I will not my grip on my deeply indoctrinated morals and values ..."

NOW she says she would eat her words that she would do it for the right amount of money because all that matters is that she takes care of her family ...

Like we thought those "indoctrinated" values were all that deep?

But the point is -- shouldn't she have thought about this BEFORE she got inseminated a second time?

I keep getting Octomom mixed up with Kate Gosling ... But I thought they were both registered nurses before they got pregnant with all their kids ...

I may have to do some research on this - but if she was trained to an occupation before her pregnancy why isn't she working in that field?

Yes - she was a certified Psychological Technician ... Which she left to go back to school to get a masters in Child & adolescent psychology - but she dropped out of that program.

Also in the beginning of 2011 there was a news story of her making a "fetish" video not just in her home but in the children's PLAYROOM using some of their PLAY EQUIPMENT ...

She is getting SSI benefits for several of her children from the first "batch" of IVF children ...

But I don't know if the $2000 she gets each month includes those SSI payments or not

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