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Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Would You Do?

Last year (I think, I didn't check the date) a fellow YouTuber - TheYankeeMarshall - nearly had his own "Zimmerman" incident ... Only it was in his home.

I dare say that had he NOT had a window which over-looked his front door so he could see who it was trying to get into his house - I'm almost positive he would have had a totally different reaction ...

I am a big advocate for having a dog in your house if nothing else but to alert you of things (despite what those "Mayhem" commercials try to convince you) ... It sounds like his bulldog Mavis did her job. Best guard dog we had was a miniature poodle which attacked a burglar who came in the back door while his buddy distracted my mother at the front door - don't let those hair cuts fool you ... It only makes them meaner!

That being said, in most communities if your dog bites someone EVEN IF THEY ARE BREAKING IN it is a "strike" against the dog ...

My personal take on this -- he handled it better than me ...

I would not have opened the front door ... I probably would have gone around back and came around the house with my weapon of choice - my 6-foot whip and my battle axe ... Oh - and my big ass dog!

Hubby would have greeted him with one of his hard steel weapons ... I just don't know of it would be one of the "bangers" or one of the "boomers" ...

I wouldn't have held the kid with my foot as someone had suggested to him - but I certainly would have called the cops.

I know I'm a rat fink -- I was never one of the "cool kids" and kept my nose fairly clean. Of course, I hate beer

I know the Zimmerman case was not a home invasion ... And I know several people think that he shouldn't have been there following the kid .. BUT that's almost like saying a woman asked to be raped because she went into the bar or wore certain clothing ...

Come on!

A kid who was in way better shape was pounding Zimmerman's face and banging his head in the sidewalk (witness confirmed, btw) - shot was consistent with the kid being on top when it happened - Zimmerman did NOT run away from the scene ...

I don't know why this is even going to trial ...

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