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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where's .... Barack?

the press/media is playing a new game called "Where's Barack" but unlike "Where's Waldo" they can see where the Prez is, but he isn't acknowledging them ...

that is unless they are the ladies of "The View" and SOFTBALL the questions ...

how many times can he be asked the same question about why he chose to go on the show? because its the one show he knows michelle will watch, awwww {that yakking up sound is me}

it has been 8 weeks since he has taken a question from the Press Corps ...

those people who travel with him everywhere and are supposed to ask the questions that americans would love to ask but don't have the chance to ...

but then ... i suppose nothing has really happened within those 8 weeks:
* unemployment rate UP to 8.3%
* "true unemployment" rate up to 15% {this number is for those who are underemployed [want FT work but work several PT jobs] and those who no longer qualify for unemployment so they aren't counted in the "new" unemployment rates}
* during 2012 average of 151,000 jobs added per month {economists say at least 250,000 need to be added each month just to keep up with POPULATION GROWTH}
* Iran/Israel situation is escalating ...
*Syria is bombing its own people now

so what has he been making time for?
* 42 fundraisers
* 29 days on the road campaigning
* 18 states plus DC
* lets not forget at least 1 state fair and quite a bit of beer drinking {reports have it that he brought a bunch of it from the WH on his TOUR BUS}
you know i've been thinking ....

wouldn't taking the beer on the bus violate the "open container" rule in most states?

oh how i wish i could be the cop to pull them over!

oh yeah -

Clinton already showed the President is above the law ....

{no I'm not fussing about the golf game on his birthday - c'mon - it was his birthday!}

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