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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Election 2012

Well that makes more sense ...

Obama is using his spokespeople and media supporters to put out the "real reason" he would not meet with leaders at the UN

Yes he went to speak at the UN .... BUT he did not meet FACE TO FACE with the leaders of other nations ...

but like i said the reason came forward ...

if he HAD met with them, then ROMNEY WOULD GET A CHANCE TOO!

See unlike former presidents who WEREN'T threatened by allowing their opponents speak to leaders ...


I honestly think he is afraid that it will come out that the leaders of other countries are disappointed in how he has handled things.

I think - he is afraid that Romney is actually better for the job than he is!

but I have to wonder ...

Can this be seen as "dirty tricks"??

after all, every other president has allowed their rival to speak to the leaders ... even Nixon ...

wow -- there's a thought

Obama = Nixon!!!

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