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Monday, September 10, 2012

Numerology Class

True unemployment rate estimated to be 14.7% (don't know since government isn't really interested in it at this time)

NEW claims sits at 8.1% (doctored, see past posts)

43 consecutive months above 8%

Longest streak above 8% EVER recorded

21 states and DC ABOVE national Unemployment rate

Nevada has highest unemployment at 12%

Not highest unemployment in US history though: 9.7% in 1982 (yes, that was a Reagan year)

If the unemployment rate stays above 8% into November, Obama will be first sitting president to enter election with unemployment above 8% since WORLD WAR 2

The lowest rates for unemployment was in 1953 at 2.9% for the year, and 2.3% in both May/June that year.

**gingers note: so I guess when they compare Romneys campaign to being from 1953, they are actually saying he will bring the low unemployment back!**

Electoral college for 1953:

Electoral College for 2008:

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