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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The View

Did The View show it's political bias today rather obviously?

Whoopi mentioned an ABC news poll that looked at the likabiliy of the presidential candidates ...

Only mentioning those questions in which Obama was at least 3 percentage points above Romney ...

This was immediately followed by Stephanipolis commentating on which candidate did a better job at their convention ...

Gee I wonder who HE is going to say did better ...

Remember that George Stephanipolis used to be one of the higher ups on Clinton's White House staff before switching over to being a news commentator & host of ABCs Sunday morning "news" program "This Week ..."

He specified that he ABC polling was among registered voters

50% Obama
44% Romney

but it's a lot closer when independent/non-affiliated boaters are taken into account - about a 1% difference and he didn't say which way (most polls I see have Romney ahead by 1 - 4%) ...

But it makes sense since most people who would either LOOK for a poll or watch ABC news will tend to lean towards liberal views ... Just as those who would do so on Fox would lean towards more conservative views

He felt Obama was helped more with his convention than Romney -- well Romney wasn't helped by Eastwood's speech/comedy act that's for sure

And that the debates would be the real separator ... Oh man I wish Santorium had made it - he could run circles around Obama!

I did love how Hasslebeck put Behar in her place when joy stupidly asked about if the Romeny camp should put out more specifics as to how they were going to fix the economy ... Hasslebeck's

"you mean like the 5 point plan that's been out there for 2 months?"

cracked even George up as Joy sat there complaining that Elizabeth answered the question so pointedly before she got it out of her big fat mouth

Stephonopolis Nodded his head at Joy who was trying to softball a question that would lead him to the stay of 60% wanting more detail from Romney ...

Sherri of course had to bring up Palin ... Even conservatives cringe at the thought of her ...

The Woodward book was brought up - and Elizabeth pointed out that the candidates tend to publish their books close to the election too so not too make too big a deal out of the timing (besides Woodward is a staunch democrat so I'm fairly sure it is soft-balling what's in there) ...

Slatted instantly blocked the question so there was never an answer about how damaging the book will be ...

Things so far from the book:
• Obama attends less than 1/2 the daily security briefings
• he gets no or little respect from people in his own party on the hill

Naw no bias there ...


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