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Monday, September 10, 2012

Things That Make You Go HMMMM

Alright Chicago ... Wasn't planning on writing anything but this news got me thinking .... Hmmmm

Teachers are on strike for the first time in a generation (something like 25 years since the last one) .... So they've obviously gotten everything they've asked for ...

$74,839/year = Teacher Salary (average)
$120,659/year = administrator salary (average)

$665 Billion = school budget DEFICIT

What are part of the beefs the teachers have?
• the teachers will be judged on how well the kids perform on standardized tests (they say the criteria is too vague)
• the teachers want a 19% increase (the city is offering 16% over 4 years)
• the teachers are upset that the day was lengthened by an hour (because the mayor didn't ask first)

My question is ... That yearly salary - does it still include 3 months off in the summer or are they going to switch to a year-round school?

It would also be interesting to see (a)a breakdown of salaries to years of service (b)salaries by department (c)gender (d)salaries by school locale (e)salaries of the union leaders and finally (f)a district calendar and which days the teachers get paid for

Don't get me wrong - I understand that teachers feel they are over worked and under paid ... Hell everybody feels that way about there jobs ...

I'm sorry - you want to feel UNDER-APPRECIATED try being a stay-at-home-mom ... Or sure everyone will tell you it's a great thing and how wonderful it was and how they wish they could do it ... But then what they really think is that you just sit around all day and eat Bonbons and life is one big vacation ... Insert eye roll here!
When do we get a union?

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