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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Things that make you go HMMMMM

Okay a local station here in town decided to look at what it takes to be an Official in the different professional leagues our state has ... Herders the break down

only 350 - 400 Officials/Ref spots in professional sports

7-8 years to become ready for the majors
All hired from top levels of college football, pay is the lowest amongst officials
$78,000/yr starting
$149,000/yr average
Considered PART-TIME work

Hired from Major League baseball training school and sent to minors for 8 years (average) before moving up. There is a 300 question rule test, which is supposably very tough.
(Minor league officials get only a couple hours and/month so about $10,000-15,000/yr)
1 new hire a year
70 veteran umpires
$120,000/yr starting pay
$350,000/ yr most veterans
(no word of FT or PT work)

Officiated need to go the the NBA Developmental League Officiating Camp, start in "D" league
60 refs total
$100,000/yr starting
$300,000/yr most veterans

Has an Officiating department that recruits from around the world
$115,000/yr starting
$225,000/yr most veterans
No number of how many in the league

Wow - over $100,000 for a PART TIME JOB? Wonder if they have to pay from travel themselves when they have to officiate a game out of their hometown, or I'd they are assigned a region and just work there

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