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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Election 2012


37% Obama
30% Romney
33 % tie
CBS news
Oct 16
525 undecided voters
MOE +/- 4%
I'm sorry - but the moderator, who's supposed to be impartial HELPED Obama with his LIES

Obama did NOT call it an act of terror in the rose garden ...
He made a general reference to "acts of terror" and then went on to blame it all on the YouTube video - he even went to the UN to blame the video DAYS LATER!!!!!

The moderator LET Obama constantly interrupt/speak over/not answer the questions asked ... But then she would jump on Romney for it!

Why - why did they change the way the moderation would be at the last moment?

I would have like to see Romney jump on Obama's constant statements that al-Quida being "on the run" ... When they are running the wrong way and our people are getting hurt& killed!

I also don't believe that CBS used a true "undecided" group ... They more than likely used a group which was more left leaning than right ...

Although - when you look at the surveys that use that tracking-while-listening method ... Romney scored high on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE!!!!!

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